Type of animalRate
Cats€8.50 per day
Small dogs (Westies, Cavalier King Charles, Poodles, etc.)€11.50 per day
Medium dogs (Breton span, Cocker, Beagle, etc.)€12.50 per day
Large dogs (Labrador, Golden Retriever, Doberman, etc.)€13.50 per day
Very large dogs (Bouvier Bernois, Newfoundland, German Dogue, etc.)€14.50 per day
Rates that are non-contractual and can be discounted. For more precision, or for NAC-type animals, consult us.

Pension rates for several animals and for long-term stays: consult us.

Other services (transportation, grooming, special care…) To consult us.

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Pet care, cat dogs and NAC

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