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  • Vaccination for a stay in a pet boarding house
    What vaccination is mandatory for your dog or cat before a stay in a pet boarding house? To bring your dog or cat to boarding house, it is usually mandatory that she is vaccinated and identified. Here at La Métairie des Elfes, we require your pet to be identified and up-to-date about its vaccines. Let’s […]
  • First stay in animal boarding
    Get ready to entrust your pet to the boarding house It is often frightening to entrust your pet to strangers. It can also be stressful for the animal to separate from its family the first time. However, sometimes you have to take the step, for a more serene holiday, even for reasons of work or […]
  • A day at la Metairie des Elfes
    Story of a day at the animal boarding house La Métairie des Elves by Paul, one of our trainees…
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