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Some vaccinations are mandatory before any stay in a pet boarding house

Vaccination for a stay in a pet boarding house

What vaccination is mandatory for your dog or cat before a stay in a pet boarding house? To bring your dog or cat to boarding house, it is usually mandatory that she is vaccinated and identified. Here at La Métairie des Elfes, we require your pet to be identified and up-to-date about its vaccines. Let’s explain the vaccines that are mandatory and recommended before staying in a pet boarding house.

How to vaccinate your pet in France?

There are many vaccines but it is best to vaccinate your pet according to your lifestyle. The risk of contamination will not be the same, for example, depending on where you live. Regulation that imposes vaccines for dogs and animals travelling abroad must also be taken into account.

Mandatory vaccination
Some vaccines are mandatory before staying in a pet farm. They protect your pet and its holiday companions.

What are the mandatory vaccinations for a stay at the Metairie?

For a dog, we ask the vaccines against the following diseases:

  • CHPPiL
  • R (if needed)

For a cat, we ask the vaccine against the following diseases:


What are the “CHPPiL R” valences?

(Compulsory vaccination for dogs before boarding)

C refers to the vaccine against Carré disease.

This virus can contaminate many organs (respiratory, skin, digestive, nervous or even eye).

This causes symptoms such as coughing, digestive disorders…

The dog lacks appetite and is slaughtered. This disease is contagious and often fatal.

H refers to the Hepatitis vaccine.

This virus causes significant inflammation in the liver. It causes symptoms such as fever, dehydration, jaundice, neurological disorders, digestive disorders…

This disease is contagious and can be very serious or even fatal.

P refers to the vaccine against Parvoviosis.

This disease often affects puppies and can be fatal.

Symptoms are usually dog abatement, loss of appetite, fever, vomiting and haemorrhagic diarrhea. Parvoviosis is contagious.

Pi refers to the “Para Influenza” virus vaccine, which causes Kennel Cough disease.

This disease is highly contagious for dogs that live in communities. There is no risk of death. It is formed by viral and bacterial pathway.

These symptoms are described by a hoarse and persistent cough, runny nose, eye discharge and some breathing problems.

The Pi injection is done intra-nasal and takes about 3 days to spread to protect the dog.

L refers to the leptospirosis vaccine.

This disease has become rare in France, but it is much more present in Overseas. This disease is of bacterial origin and is transmitted from humans to animals and from animals to humans (this phenomenon is called: zoonose)

These bacteria are usually found in fresh water and small muddy areas. The main vector of this disease is the rat. It transmits bacteria through its urine, which it deposits on the ground or in the water. There may be other vectors such as a contaminated dog. This disease is contagious through contact with saliva.

Here are some symptoms of this disease: fever, digestive disorders, muscle disorders, cough…

R refers to rabies disease.

This disease remains very rare in France, but the risk may still be there, especially for dogs traveling abroad. It’s also a zoonosis.

Contamination is done through the saliva of a carrier animal and is fatal.

The virus moves to the brain and reproduces.

Symptoms include behaviour change, salivation, paralysis, etc. 

It is mandatory to vaccinate a dog against rabies if she is travelling abroad or if she is a dog of class 1 or 2.

Mandatory vaccinations for dog and cat in animal boarding
Some vaccines are mandatory, others recommended. Practices vary from pension to pension, the Métairie des Elfes does its utmost to protect your animals.

Some additional vaccines for dogs:

There are other vaccines to protect dogs, in addition to mandatory vaccination for a stay in a pet boarding house. The following vaccines, for our region and at the moment, are therefore not required by the animal boarding house La Metairie des Elfes.


  • This disease is caused by a parasite transmitted by ticks. It is therefore important to deworm your pet regularly.

This parasite destroys red blood cells and can cause the dog to die.

It is more developed in the East of France, the South-West or in the central region.

Symptoms include fever, abatement, vomiting, spleen growth…


Contamination is caused by the bite of a phlebotoma (fly) and transmits the germ from one animal to another.

Phlebotomas live particularly in the south of France. In a few years, they could go up north and therefore be in our region as well.

Here are some symptoms: weight loss, skin lesions, muscle loss…

Lyme disease:

It is transmitted by a tick bite. These symptoms are: Fever, inflammation of the joints (lameries…). Carrier ticks are generally found in the eastern and central regions.

What are the “CRPFeLV” valences?

(Compulsory vaccination for cats before boarding)

C refers to the Coryza vaccine.

This disease is a grouping of viruses and bacteria. This leads to an infection of the airways. Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose and eye…

This disease is common and highly contagious.

R refers to the Rabies vaccine.

Same disease as in dogs. See above.

P refers to Typhus disease.

Typhus an infectious viral disease. It comes in three forms: high-e-ed, acute and cereal-into-the-air.

Its symptoms are: High fever, hyperthermia, prostration, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea… This disease can be fatal.

FeLV refers to the leucosis vaccine.

It’s an infectious viral disease. It causes tumours, anemia and a weakening of the immune system (which cannot be seen).

Symptoms include fever, loss of appetite, pale mucous membranes, digestive problems…

Some additional vaccines for cats:

Other vaccines also exist to protect our cats, in addition to mandatory vaccination for a stay in a pet boarding house.


It is a virus that causes immunodeficiency syndrome and the following symptoms: gingivitis, stomatitis, fever, loss of appetite…

Lyme disease:

Same disease as in dogs. See above.

Dog and cat
La Métairie des Elfes welcomes your cats dogs and new pets in the best conditions. Mandatory and recommended vaccinations are protective measures for your companions.

We hope that this article will have informed you about vaccination obligations and recommendations before a stay in a pet boarding house for your dog or cat. If you have any questions about vaccinating your pet before a stay at La Métairie des Elfes, please contact us.

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